To calculate the percentage difference between two prices enter the values into the First Price and Second Price fields then click on one of the Mode buttons. You can also use decimal or whole numbers in these fields. The result will give a percentage increase, decrease, or difference between the two numbers according to the mode selected. Note that if the % increase button is pressed the original number is the lower of the two numbers and, conversely, if the % decrease button is pressed the original number is the higher of the two numbers.

To show by how much the first price changes given a percentage value over how many years use the Cumulative Interest form and click a button.

The Interest form gives the percentage change of the interest earned from a given capital that gets you the final balance of First Price. This is where the bank gives you interest in a dollar amount and the final balance after the interest is added. To determine what the interest is as a percentage enter the final balance in the First Price field and the interest earned in the interest gained field.

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